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March 6th, 2010 at 11:47 am

type of heat transfer operations

There are two types of heat transfer operation: heat sensitive and phase change. Heat sensitive Operations involve heating or cooling of a fluid in which modify the results of transfer of heat only at a temperature of the fluid. Results of thermal transfer Changeof-phase in a liquid is changed to a steam or vapour is modified into a liquid. Boiling or steaming is the convection process involving a phase change from liquid to vapor. Condensation is the convection process involving a change in liquid-vapor phase. Many applications involve both sensible heat and heat transfer phase change.

Sensible heat transfer Inside Tubes Sensible heat in most applications involves forced convection inside pipes or ducts or convection in external surfaces.

The heating and cooling fluid flowing inside extensions are among the most important processes of transfer of heat in engineering. The flow of fluids in pipes can be subdivided into three flow regimes. These flow regimes are measured in a report called the Reynolds number is an indication of the turmoil of the flow within the duct. The three schemes are: less than 2,100 Transition Flow Reynolds numbers between 10,000 and 2100 turbulent flow numbers greater than 10,000 Reynolds numbers laminare Reynolds

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