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March 25th, 2010 at 11:28 am

Key Features to your Ecommerce Website

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The whole concept of e-commerce has become a boon for SMB companies worldwide, enabling them to have greater access to global markets at a cost much, very convenient. More and more shops and businesses are moving to the e-commerce platform to improve their sales and provide an easy way to achieve global customers. However, in order to make an e-Commerce Portal actually working, there are some things that must be handled with care for a successful e-Commerce Portal. Following are some of the ones: choosing the right platform: choice of platforms right is key and the key aspect of e-Commerce Portal. The best platforms that I know are NET or LAMP. There are several open source systems like Joomla, Zencart, osCommerce, X-cart. Choose the most suitable.

Design: Navigation grand scheme design attractive and uninterrupted is very important for buyers actually see the product from your site. In fact, a good design is really necessary to build trust and show all the details about the products we sell.

Shopping cart: Please do not attempt to collect all the history from the client before leaving him actually buy products from us. Keep it simple and short.

Payment gateway: I’d rather pay pal, but there are a variety of payment gateways on the market as authorize.NET, Google Checkout, 2 checkout, money bookers and alarm in pay. Please check the Commission and the right product that will suit your business needs.

Security: don’t take this part easy, please note that you will be getting very sensitive data from buyers in order to develop a sale. So, make sure that have PCI and SSL on the spot. Make sure that you do not store credit card details of the customer in the database and also follow the process of maximum safety during the database design and coding.

Marketing: Get targeted traffic to your website you need to sell your products. There are several ways to do it. Can be either paid or free traffic. To get free traffic, you must search engines like Google. Optimization of your website to get indexed on search engines is a must. It’s called as search engine optimization.

This is only the beginning, but in the future as the Internet grows, Commerce moves out of the Web site and you will be happening on social networks and ads directly. This technology is set to grow and to play an important role in the sale of retail products. Ecommerce is an inevitable platform for all undertakings which is in the process of sale of products.

By choosing the companies with experience as Contus support interactive, which is a proven ecommerce web development company help you start your e-Commerce Portal to an affordable high quality with absolute perfection.

Contus support interactive uses lamp platform and open source systems like Zen Cart and Magento to allow the seller launch their portals Ecommerce quickly without any compromise on quality.

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