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March 10th, 2010 at 11:52 am

evaporator’s improvement


Many improvements in technology in the last half century evaporator. The improvements have taken many forms, but have served to do the following:

1. greater evaporation capacity through a better understanding of the mechanisms of heat transfer.
2. better economy through a more efficient use of evaporator types of 3. Longer between cleaning Cycles due to a better understanding of salting, scaling, and smudge.
4. more convenient unit costs from modern production techniques and unit size.
5. to reduce maintenance costs and quality of the product better use of the best materials of construction of better understanding of corrosion.
6. more logical application of specific services evaporator types.
7. a better understanding and application of techniques of control and improvement of instrumentation resulted in better product quality and reduced energy consumption.
8. increased efficiency resulting from heat transfer surfaces more and better energy economy.
9. Compressor technology and availability has allowed for the application of mechanical compression.

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