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April 5th, 2010 at 9:54 am

component of evaporators

element evaporator,coil,evaporatror,cooling coil

Concern in the design of the evaporator in three main elements: transfer, steam-liquid separation and energy efficient heat. The units in which heat transfer takes place are named heating units or calandrias. The vapor-liquid separators are called bodies, heads of steam or notes of Flash.

The body of the term is also used to label the base module of building an evaporator, consisting of a heating element and a camera flash. An effect is boiling a body or bodies at the same pressure. One evaporator multiple effect is a system of evaporator vapor by an effect is used as the heating medium for a subsequent boiling to a lower pressure. The effects can be staged when concentrations of liquids in fact permits; staging is two or more sections operating at different concentrations in a single effect. The evaporator term denotes the whole system of effects, not necessarily a body or an effect.

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