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April 10th, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Classification of cryptanalysis’s information


One of important thing in cryptanalysis is to collect and analyze what could be a clue. so it is valuable before do that analysis we aware about those classification, this is the Classification of information in the process of cryptanalysis:


The most common thing that is owned by a cryptanalyser ciphertext information, without knowing the password (if any) and the plaintext

Most of plaintext

In some cases, may be partially known plaintext or have been in previous predictions. For example the emails are generally preface such as “dear”, “Congratulation”, “Hi”. In some experiments can be done by predicting the plaintext starts these words


Together with the plaintext, it could be one or several keywords can be guessed. Although cryptography is generally recommended to use keywords in the form of the word unique, but not a few people who use the word simple and predictable as a keyword, arguing that easy to remember

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