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March 3rd, 2010 at 5:07 pm

the Blog Optimization

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Search engine optimization is the process of generating traffic through search engines. Has become a necessity for websites because 80%-90% of visitors originate from major search engines. Top Rankings mean more visitors. The same concept applies to blog. However, many blog owners are unaware of their ability to be more visible on the Web. They only update occasionally and that’s it. Considering the large number of blogs on the net today, corporate blogs, all their efforts only will go to waste if they didn’t optimize it.

Yes, blogs can be optimized, too. It should be done for the benefit both of your readers and search engine spiders. Although the process is very similar, with search engine optimization standard Web site, is a little different. Here are some tips that you can do to start: consider the design do not recommend that you use the default template offered by publishing blog sites. You would want to bump into a girl in a party wearing the same dress, do you? Same thing goes for blogs. You can hire a designer to do the work for you. If you are running a limited budget, you can always watch free templates offered by Web design companies and you can customize a bit to make it unique.

  • Optimize the use of the phrase more substantial tags for your blog in hard code the title tag. You also need to double check each entry’s title appears on the tag of tiles. Sometimes this is overlooked.
  • Keywords is always advisable to use keywords in the blog post titles and categories. You can also use many categories in an entry where appropriate.
  • RSS feed is better that you have RSS subscription button available on your blog. This would be more convenient for your readers why will publish your work recently updated. If the Publisher of the blog RSS not automatically available, are the button creation tool on the net RSS feed. But make sure that you place where readers can easily see them. You can insert in your sidebar. Is already on the prerogative of the blog owner if he wants to complete or partial RSS.
  • Use Email because there are some people who are not familiar with RSS feeds, go the extra mile and offer them something else with the same benefits. I’m talking about you can have your blog post via email. Free tools are also available online for doing so.
  • Introducing interesting introduction on the blog post is sent via RSS feed. Make sure that it is interesting enough to make your readers want to have more of it, so they click “more” and read the full article. Therefore, it should be interesting.
  • Check your CSS is common that blog came with the overwhelming amount of CSS, or cascading style sheets. The solution is to insert it in an external CSS file to avoid clutter in the main model and the main entrance not to fall further.
  • Anchor texts full of keywords in placing links to other sites/blogs and also to make the internal links, make sure that you are using the keyword rich anchor text. Remember that it is always better to use keywords in “click here” or “more”. It would benefit when crawling search engine spiders of your blog.
  • Keep your post Bonded if your blog post is somehow connected to your previous posts, link them to each other. The idea is that if the reader is interested in this particular topic, then he can probably also be entertained a different story with the same subject. You can use related posts plugin for this.
  • Do the same in other blogs. If you see a blog or an article on the same theme, make them well informed of your existence by inserting a link to your post.
  • Buy a domain we know all the blogs that hosting company will be only around for long. Once that close their business, they’ll be closing as well as your blog. If that happens, where the faithful followers will find you? Or there are changes in the domain of your guest’s blog, you will affect your ranking.
  • In case you have limited resources and can be resolved only on the free hosting company, look for those who offer to display your own domain, instead of showing the just like WordPress and Blogger.
  • Correct URL naming convention is always a bad idea to use dynamic URLs on a website or blog. You should always take advantage of any opportunity that you must use keywords, without padding keyword, including this one. Meaning, instead of using “″, “”. When you can’t do anything about it, use the mod rewrite.
  • Good navigation If the blog is only a part of a Web site, is not that ebough is a have a link to your blog in the course of the main page. Use the sidebar to syndicate the new posts, because website visitors might get involved in your articles if they see the titles.
  • Fast page load depends on the amount of time for a page to load all on your host. There are some blogs that takes about half a minute from only the fragment of the RSS feed for the full article. You can lose a lot of readers only because of this reason alone.
  • Moderate Trackbacks and comments spammers are everywhere. They always find a way to abuse your blog putting non-sense comments with links to their Web site. It is annoying and can affect the standings. There are many tools available online that you can use moderated and avoid spam comments and trackbak.

It is not enough to create a blog to share information to big or to prove that you know much on the ground in that they are. Not do settle on the number of followers who has of your blog. Beginning to optimize now and see the great changes for the coming months.

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